Monday, 28 Sep 2020

No Halo Infinite Paid Loot Boxes + Switch Online NES Games Hacked + Pokemon Go TRANSFERS to Let’s Go

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REUPLOAD! (we had a small editing goof we wanted to fix) Halo Infinite won’t have real-money lootboxes, Spider-Man crushes sales records, Switch NES emulator already hacked, More details on Pokemon Let’s Go revealed, Ubisoft and Valve fined for refund policy, Gardens Between launches on Switch, Final Fantasy composer is taking a break, Black Panther’s Ryan Coogler Joins Space Jam Reboot, Aubrey Plaza Maybe Starring In Child’s Play Remake, and Bond 25 Finally Gets A New…

30 thoughts on “No Halo Infinite Paid Loot Boxes + Switch Online NES Games Hacked + Pokemon Go TRANSFERS to Let’s Go

  1. It's funny how people easily forget how Much free DLC we got for Halo 5 every month for over a year. New maps. Skins, weapons, armors, etc. all free. guess where that money came from? From the lazy people who wanted everything fast instead of just playing the game and getting Req points; you can't even say we wasn't getting a lot per game. I honestly liked the halo 5 card game style loot system. Kept things fresh. If we always got exactly what we wanted how we wanted then we would not be as engaged. Kept us guessing.

  2. Ugh I really dont like the look of Eevee on your head. I do prefer Pikachu on the shoulder, but I prefer LGE version exclusives! Looks like ill just get LGP and trade? Decisions decisions.

  3. No paid lootboxes doesn't mean no in game currency, that gamers can pay with real money, to help speed up progression. We just need to be skeptical about how these developers are wording their responses to consumer's concerns. With lootboxes being deemed illegal in some countries, developers will be looking for other ways to monetize their games to offset the loss in revenue stream. I'm talking about YOU…EA!

  4. Saying single player games are dead is literal propaganda from big corporations attempting to push the agenda of games as a service. If it’s only multiplayer it will be online, if it’s only online they’re going to find ways to keep charging you for it.

  5. Ashley mentioned Halo Infinite would not be pay to win….um…that's not what the dev said. No real money loot boxes. That doesn't mean you won't be able to pay outright for advantages…it just means they won't be in loot boxes paid for by real money. What the dev said was just to keep the regulators off their back. It wasn't much to reassure gamers.

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